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Highly skilled specialists in the field of semiconductor material science and quanum electroniks work in the company. Among them there are one Doctor of Technical Science, two Candidates of Technical Science, an also highly skilled specialists working for in the semiconductor industry for a long time.

The research officers of the «TELAM» company carry out research works in the field of semiconductor material science and semiconductor lasers, regularly publish their results in Russian and foreign journals. For years of working in the field of semiconductor technologies and devices the researchers of the «TELAM» company have published more than 250 scientific works including 29 patent certificates and two patents.

Some principal works:

1. On Growth Mechanism of Epitaxial Layers of Indium Phosphide in pH3 - MOC (In)H2 System Proceeding of the 6th Conference on Growth and Synthesis Processes in Semiconductor Crystals and Layers. Novosibirsk, 1982, vol 1, p.227. Authors: M.G. Vasiliev, V.F. Dvoryankin, V.V. Kozhin, etc.

2. Avalanche Photodiodes on the Base of InP/GaInAs Heterostructures with p-n Junction. Letters to Rus. JTP, 1982, vol.8, N 12, p.722 Authors: J.I. Alferov, M.G. Vasiliev, A.T. Gorelenok, etc.

3. Strip Line Overgrown Continuosly Working Heterolasers on the Base of InP/GaInAsP (l=1,3 and 1,5 micrometer) Produced with Combination of Liquid Phase and Gas Phase Epitaxy. Letters to Rus. JTP, 1982, T.8, N 11 Authors: J.I. Alferov, M.G. Vasiliev, A.T. Gorelenok, V.G. Gruzdov etc.

4. Method of Heterostructure Production. Author's Certificate N1119529, priority of 06.29.1983, Authors: M.G. Vasiliev, A.A. Selin, A.A. Khanin

5. Metod of Injection Laser Production (Its Variants). Author's Certificate N220253, priority .06.16.1984, Authors: M.G. Vasiliev, A.A. Shelyakin

6. Analogous Frequency Modulation of Single-Mode Heterolasers Radiation 1,3 micrometer. Quantum Electronics, 1986, vol.13, N6, pp.1267-1269 Authors: M.G. Vasiliev, I.S. Goldobin.

7. Low Threshold Injection Overgrown Type Lasers with Wavelength of 1.31 micrometer with Two Channel Side Limitation, Produced on n-type Base. Quantum Electronics, 1989,vol.16,N13, page. 1457-1463 Authors: I.V. Akimova, M.G. Vasiliev, etc.

8. Electron Microscopy and Mass-Spectrometry Study of GaInAsP Films Grown by LPE. Phys. Stat Sol. (a) 140, 1993,pp. 453-462 M.G. Vasiliev, V.V. Volkov, W. Luyten. J.Van Landuyt, C.Ferauge

9. Electron Microscopy and Mass-Spectrometry Study of GaInAsP/InP heterostructures (pin) Diodes Grown by LPE. Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) 140, 1993, pp. 73-85 M.G. Vasiliev, V.V. Volkov, W. Luyten, J.Van Landuyt, S. Amelincks.

10. The method of production of semiconductor optical electronic devices. Patent N1829804, 06.23.1995 Authors: M.G. Vasiliev etc.

11. LPE growth and HREM characterisation of InGaAsP/InP heterostructures. Proceedings of Eurosensors X. The 10-th Eropean Conference, Sept. 8-11, 1996 hh. 831-832 M.G. Vasiliev, V.V. Volkov, J.Van Landuyt, R. Gijbels, A.A. Shelyakin

12. Characterisation of the LPE grown InGaAsP/InP hetero-structures: IR-LED at 1,66mkm used for the remote monitoring of methane gas. Jour. Cryst. Grow. ,173,1997,285-296 M.G. Vasiliev, V.V. Volkov, J. Van Landuyt, R. GijbelsC, C. Ferauge.

13. LPE growth and characterization of the heterostrucyures: IR Light - emitting diodes at 1,66mkm. Application to remote monitoring of methan gases. Sensors and Actuators A62 (1997) 624-632 M.G. Vasiliev, V.V. Volkov, J. Van Landuyt, R. Gijbels.

14. The device for laser therapy and ophthalmology. Patent N2092140 10.10.1997. Authors: M.G. Vasiliev , Ye.V. Anikina, L.S. Orbachevsky.

15. A Fiber-optic open-path methane sensor. Laser phys., 2000, pp.128-135 M.G. Vasiliev, V.K. Sacharov


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