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The main operating principle of the company is the high quality at a reasonable price.

This principle is basic one for all executives of the company. For this aim the very reliable and high-quality devices of both domestic and foreign production are used. All components have passed 100% preliminary control for compliance with initial technical requirements and rating data.

Specialists of the company and their working conditions are organized so that results of their work are under permanent quality control of intermediate operations and final output. Prior to dispatch to customers, all the products of the «TELAM» company pass 100% thermoelectric training in hardest permissible modes of operation. Owing to permanent efforts of the company management directed to increasing of the products quality in last years the «TELAM» company practically doesn't experience failures in all kinds of the devices released.

The «TELAM» company pays great attention to new products development, reduction of threshold and working currents of the devices, increasing emission quality, broadening the wavelength spectral range of the laser diodes and the transmitting modules. For instance, among the wide range of the produced devices there are transmitting modules with high parameters: the transmitting module TPK-130B enables to transmit an optical signal with 1,0 mW energy via single-mode fiber with working current 10-12 mA and non-linearity better than 0,5%, and to work without a micro-refrigerator in the working temperature range of -20..+70 deg. C, the mean time to failure of 500 thousands hours being guaranteed. The «TELAM» company places high emphasis to development of semiconductor lasers and transmitting modules with new spectral ranges of wavelengths. For instance, in the last years the laser and transmitting module for the fourth transparency window were designed. Today the «TELAM» company is the only one in Russia, which produces reliable transmitting modules with emitted wavelength of 1620+/-10 nm.

Besides the efforts in designing of transmitting and receiving modules for fiber optic communication systems, the «TELAM» company makes great efforts in development of lasers and transmitting modules for scientific research, particularly for spectroscopy. For instance, we have mastered a broad spectral range of laser wavelengths for deliveries by individual order. The offered devices work both with single-mode and multiple-mode fiber in the spectral range of wavelengths of 1210..1680 nm with accuracy of +/- 5 nm.

We are always ready to consider all propositions of the consumer and to try to solve your problems with high quality and in a short time.


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