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The «TELAM» research and production enterprise was established in 1993 and has been successively working since that time. The objective of the company is creation of an independent enterprise, working in the field of semiconductor material science, semiconductor lasers, as well as of receiving and transmitting modules for optic fiber communication lines. At the beginning of the 1990s production of semiconductor lasers in the range of 1280..1330 nm was practically stopped in Russia, and production of lasers in the spectral range of 1530..1570 nm was entirely absent.

At first sight it is obvious that such project would be Utopian, but it is only at first sight. The head of the company is USSR State Premium Winner, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor M.G. Vasiliev. He is widely known as a specialist in the field of semiconductor material science and semiconductor lasers. He has a great experience of research and practical work in Russian industry. The basic domestic industrial technology of InP/GaInAsP structures growing for lasers and photo-receivers was developed at his leadership and direct participation.

The first and main task of the «TELAM» company was to develop a reliable active element, i.e. a laser diode chip and a photodiode working in the spectral range in wavelengths of 1280..1570 nm. Solving this problem required hard and intensive work for three years and has been successfully completed in practice by 1996.

In 1996-1997 efforts of specialists of the company were focused at development and creation of original design and production technology of transmitting and receiving modules for fiber optic communication links. Many calculations, computer simulations and experimental studies were carried out, and this problem has also been solved by the end of 1997.

At present time the «TELAM» has its own original design and production technology of transmitting and receiving modules. For these devices the proper design documentation and technical conditions have been developed, which guarantee mean time to failure up to 500 thousands hours for some of these devices.

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